The Rock Hard 4x4 idea started back the 1980's. Lewis Barth and son, James, had been building off road cages and bumpers for over 20 years. In the 1990's we were building so many cages for friends, transporting them became a challenge. Having to weld the cage in was not something everyone was able do. The Bolt-In design was born and Rock Hard 4x4 became home of the "do it yourself" cage installation. The patented locking collar design has maintained it's superior quality and proven strength over the years. The locking collar connection is proven to be as strong, if not stronger, than other weld in cages. The Rock Hard 4x4 Patented locking collar is the strongest connection of it's kind. Many competitors have tried to duplicate this design and nobody has come close to the quality and superior workmanship.

Rock Hard 4x4 proudly manufactures all of our components in the great state of Nebraska with state of the art CNC machining centers, superior craftsmanship and laser cut precision. Stop by and visit our over 30,000 square foot manufacturing facility when you're in the area.

Thank you for being part of the Rock Hard 4x4 experience. Rock on!

Customer Service / Sales:
Toll Free: (844) ROCK-HARD / (844) 762-5427
Fax: (877) 447-7636
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1005 Twin Fork Lane
St Paul, NE 68873

So, just how Made in America is Rock Hard 4x4?
Very. In fact, 100%. But we do not stop at Made in America. We are:
  • Dreamed in America
  • Conceptualized in America
  • Computer Designed in America
  • Test Fit in America
  • Installed in America
  • Road Tested in America
  • Trail Tested in America
  • Approved for Production in America
  • Made in America
  • Powder Coated in America
  • Photographed in America
  • Boxed in America
  • Sold in America
  • Shipped in America
  • Enjoyed EVERYWHERE

That's RH4x4.